Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

[Friday, August 31, 2018]

The end of the summer is that last chance many families have to spend quality time together before school begins in the fall. Every minute counts and so does every dollar. So our Legends Limousine staff, being parents who travel themselves, have come up with our top tips that can make a huge difference in avoiding the question we all dread; “Honey, did we remember to________?”

  1. Take photographs, not selfies!

Bet you thought that taking photographs was for during your vacation rather than before you leave. No longer true. Use your cell phone or digital camera to take photos of your passport, the label on all prescription medicine bottles and anything else that you think you might need. Beats carrying around (or losing) lots of paper.

  1. Photocopy your passport.

Even if you have a digital copy of your passport its worth it to have a paper copy with you as well. That way if you need to leave your passport for some reason you can leave the copy instead of the original.

  1. Your coworkers will thank you!

Turn on your email auto-response. Do this even if you are planning on checking email. It will relieve you of the pressure to answer quickly and reduce the number of emails you get.

  1. Put the phone number of your airline in your cell phone speed dial.

For that matter, put all the phone number related to your travel on your phone. You never know when you’ll need it. We highly recommend that you enter a confirmation number or contact name in the notes when you add the number to your address book.

  1. “ I am sorry sir, but your card has been DECLINED.”

Tell your credit card company you are going to be using the card away from home, so they won’t assume the card was stolen and refuse the charge.

  1. Avoid the postman stuffing our mailbox

Hold all your mail and newspapers — unless you want everybody (including burglars) to know you are not home.

  1. Peace of mind comes with planning.

Consider having someone keep an eye on your house when you are gone. Apps like TaskRabbit are excellent and affordable ways to have someone come and check in on the house, hey may even water the plants if you need it done.

  1. Who wants to come home to yard work?

If have you have a lawn and are going to be away for a long time, arrange to have somebody cut it.


If you’ve got a spare key hidden somewhere outside your house, you may want to remove it, unless of course, you’ve forgotten to take your key on vacation with you.

  1. Discourage window shoppers visiting while you’re away from home.

If you have windows where people can see into your house, close the curtain.

If you live in an area where burglary is a real concern you might want to look into timers so a lamp or two turns on at night — and off during the day.

  1. Consider Some Steps To Save Energy And Money While You Are Away.

Turning off all the water, or at least turn off the water supply to your to washing machines, dishwashers, ice-makers and toilets. Our bill will be less than what you think and the environment will thank you for it.

  1. UNPLUG!

Toasters, computers etc. If you don’t want it to turn on when you’re gone, unplug it. Leaving your appliance’s plugged in is a fire hazard, as no one will be home to call the fire department.

  1. Clean out your pocketbook.

Remove from your wallet anything you won’t want or need when traveling.

  1. Auto payments can really hit you hard when you least expect it.

We have all been there, your balance drops all of a sudden. Your autoPay has kicked in and you forgot to transfer more funds into your account to cover them. Pay all the bills that will come due during your trip so that you don’t have your account plummet.

  1. Are you going to eat that?

Give any food that might spoil while you are away to a friend — unless of course, you are trying to grow the next miracle antibiotic.

  1. Avoid Coming Home To Post-Vacation Chores.

Make sure you have not left any wet clothes in your washing machine or dryer. Ditto for dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Take out the garbage and water the plants.

  1. Don’t Stink Bomb Your Own Home

Sprinkle a little baking soda in toilets and down the sink drains to avoid coming home to the stench of stagnant water.

  1. Lost your parking spot, again?

If you left your car in an airport parking lot, write down exactly where you parked so you can find it when you get back. You can also find a handy app for this. We love DROP ANCHOR

  1. Be A Good Pet Parent

Arrange for pets to be taken care of while you’re gone. We know you wouldn’t just abandon your pets, but we couldn’t think of anything else for #19