Destination Weddings- Transportation For You And Your Guest From Start To Finish

[Friday, October 5, 2018]

Well-planned transportation for your destination wedding doesn’t start and end with finding an affordable limo for your big day. Consider how you and your guests will get around once they arrive there. Providing your guest with affordable airport transfers, local rides to and from the resort or venue can be the difference between a wedding success or disaster.

When deciding what mode of transport to be used for the multitude of reason one may need a car, ask yourself a few questions.

  • “How many guests going to need transport?”
  • “How will the Bride, Groom, and Parents get around?”
  • “Will we need a shuttle service between venues for our guest?”

These questions are necessary for you to ask before you decide which type of transport you are going to use.


Here are our recommended vehicles for your destination wedding:

1. 30 passenger Limo Party bus

With room to accommodate a party of 30, each party bus acts as an extension of the party to come after the ceremony. With this vehicle, you can screen slide shows of the happy couple and offer refreshments using the fully stock mini bar. Normally, this vehicle comes with 6 hours of service for a flat rate and can be used to shuttle guest from point to point in a fun comfortable atmosphere.

This bus comes with some beautiful amenities in it:

  • 52 inches plasma TV
  • Additional LCD monitor
  • Multiple wet bars
  • DVD/CD player
  • Privacy blinds
  • Fiber optic lighting
  • Wireless microphones


2. Lincoln Navigator Super Stretch (Black)

This Limousine is a classic! Impress your family and friends with luxury features such as King Jet door, a plasma TV, a powerful audio system, lasers for the club experience and a smoke machine. It also has  USB chargers, leather interior and a capacity to accommodate 20 Passengers. Party like a rock star and roll up to your day in the spotlight like a red carpet celebrity that you are on this special day.


3. Mercedes S550 Sedan

This is yet another luxury level vehicle that will look great in both pictures and videos for years to come. Plush interiors and ample leg room ensure maximum comfort for the bride and groom who value sophistication above all else. With rear seat climate control and suspension designed to make the road feel like velvet, you’re guaranteed to make it there without your makeup running.


How To Book Transportation At Your Far Of Destination:

  • Whatever you do make sure to confirm all your details at least 3 times. You wouldn’t want any mix-ups on your wedding day. If your wedding is happening during a busy time of year (prom time, high tourist season or holidays) make sure to book early.
  • Read all the fine print on your contract and also have someone close to you read over it before signing. There are many different options for couples, and with careful planning, and your fabulous personal style should help great a complete experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

They say “Quality doesn’t come cheap”, and that’s a fact in case of securing reliable transportation abroad. Especially when it comes to your wedding.

Trust Legends Limousine to provide you with what you need and no hidden extras. With over 20 years of experience and a worldwide network of in over 550 cities across the globe, we will negotiate your rates, shield you from “misunderstandings” caused by language barriers, handle the transaction of funds for payment and so much more.

Not many limo providers offer guarantees to save you from potential mishaps when it comes to your wedding transportation. You should consider that Legends Limousines is one of a few companies in this industry that will go up to bat for you on those rare occasions.

If you have all these things in mind, you will be able to enjoy your wedding luxuriously without spending a fortune or worrying about these details

To find out how a Wedding Limo Service NYC could compliment your journey or special occasion visit our Weddings page.