These Conditions of Service (hereafter referred to as “Conditions of Service”) constitute a binding, legal agreement between the user and Legends Limousine covering User Services (“Services”) provided by Legends Limousine.

The user is required to review these Conditions of Service in their entirety before use. By using the Services, users agree to be bound by these Conditions of Service and will also be subject to any additional terms posted on our website (“Site”) located at These additional terms include (without limitation) the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Without an expressed agreement with the following Conditions of Service, users are instructed to discontinue using the Services. Legends Limousine reserves the right to modify or augment these Conditions of Service without notice and at will. Continued use after such amendments represents your acceptance of the Conditions of Service as amended or expanded. The responsibility to review these Conditions of Service at regular intervals falls to the user. These Conditions of Service were last updated on July 29, 2019

Additional charges may be incurred as a result of any modifications to your trip after pick up. The user is required to solicit an updated price from the Chauffeur or the dispatcher before proceeding continuing. For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.


At the discretion of Legends Limousine, all advertised rates are subject to change without notice. Please note that prices may also rise during holiday seasons or special events.

The user should be aware that the price estimate before departure is an estimation based on information that is subject to change and was provided at the time of the reservation. Additional fees for tolls, gratuity, idling time and added stops are not included in the estimate and may increase your rate. For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Given the unpredictable nature of urban traffic patterns, road conditions and weather events on the days of your transportation, your Chauffeur retains the authority to evaluate the most efficient and secure route to your destination. This may include the use of a toll road to guarantee your safe and timely arrival.

Responsibility for any fees throughout the trip rests with the passenger. The user will be subject to the full toll rate, and discounted rates are not applicable. Tolls will be added to your final bill upon arriving at your destination. Please note that should a Chauffeur be prevented from returning to headquarters without paying a toll, round trip tolls will be charged to the user. Approximate tolls:
• Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport – $6.12
• Manhattan to JFK Airport – $6.12
• Manhattan to Newark Airport – $17.40

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Gratuity is left to the preference of the passenger when traveling in a Sedan, Luxury Sedan, or Minivan. However, Stretch Limousines, SUVs, or 13-passenger vans, out of town and hourly require an obligatory gratuity of 20%.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Levied at 15 minute intervals, time spent idling or waiting is charged at the hourly rate for a particular vehicle. These charges may apply in the event of the passenger arriving late to a predetermined pick-up as well as any time spent idling at additional. Legends Limousine allows for a specified courtesy waiting grace time period on roundtrip airport pick up, however, charges may apply once the complementary period is over. Should the user experience flight delays for airport pick-ups, Legends Limousine will not charge for idling time.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Estimated rates do not encompass any additional stops on the user’s trip. Without explicit prior approval, phone reservation terms do not include other stops. The rate calculation for extra stops considers the distance added from the route between the first pick-up and final destination. For a precise quote, contact 718-788-1234.

Please be aware that Legends Limousine offers a meet and greet service within the airport terminal that requires an additional parking fee determined by the New York and New Jersey Port Authority.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Failure to observe the cancellation policy will result in a credit card charge. For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

If Legends Limousine is unable to reach the user or a representative within 15 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, using the contact information provided on the reservation form, then the service will be abandoned on the grounds of user absence. Failure to arrive for pick up without prior notification will be considered a no show, resulting in a full or partial charge to the customer.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Legends Limousine requires that all reservation modifications be submitted at least three hours before pick-up. Should a change be requested less than three hours before pick-up, such changes cannot be guaranteed, and the subsequent cancellation may result in a full or partial charge to the customer.
This does not apply to vehicles that have already been dispatched. Cancellation after a vehicle has been dispatched may result in a full or partial charge to the customer.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Legends Limousine accepts major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, and requires users to supply the credit card number in advance for pre-approval. This process is intended for pre-approval purposes only and does not constitute payment for the trip. Using a credit or debit card results in a temporary hold of 35% on top of the total amount of your reservation quoted fare to be placed on the card. This hold will secure the estimated total including tolls, gratuity, additional stops, and idling time. This hold is released when payment is complete within 3 to 5 business days after the service is rendered.
The credit card in question must be presented to the Chauffeur at the time of pick-up and users should be aware that the Chauffeur reserves the right to request additional identification to ensure the validity of the card. All signatures and information must match before the card is accepted as payment. In addition, a 5% processing fee will be added to your total reservation amount.

Throughout the service and during the trip, users may not leave the vehicle, for any reason without a preliminary signing of the credit card slip. Failure to do so will result in the full fare being charged against the card.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

It takes approximately 5-7 business days after the Legend Limousine services have been rendered to process user credit card payments with the date of processing appearing on user credit card statements.

All credit and debit card transactions are handled in a safe, encrypted format by a secure server to ensure Legends Limousine and our customers’ maximum security, and the assurance that your information stays confidential, private, and safe.

We urge users to review our Privacy Policy for details.

As a policy, Legends Limousine refuses to accept wire transfers and online-only, virtual credit cards or any other type of “single-use” card number security product or one-time use credit card number that may be provided by credit card companies for online use and assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with the use of such products.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Auditing may occur on rates after order completion. In the event of mathematical errors, changes will be made to show the actual tolls, parking fees, additional stops and idling time.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Legends Limousine reserves the right to use affiliates to provide Limousine and Ground Transportation services as necessary to meet the needs of our users.

Images of the Legends Limousine fleet that are viewed on the official company website may vary from the actual vehicle.

Lost or damaged property left in vehicles is not the responsibility of Legends Limousine as our staff members strive to locate items that have been abandoned in our fleet. After 30 days, all items become the property of Legends Limousine.

If a user has left a personal item in one of our vehicles and wish to retrieve it, you can report it to our Lost & Found department or call 718-788-1234. Upon locating the said item, Legends Limousine reserves the right to levy a delivery fee for returning found property, charged at full travel rates.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Legends Limousine and its Affiliates are not responsible for missed flights, changed plans or losses incurred due to circumstances that are beyond our control. These circumstances include but are not limited to, causes beyond its reasonable control, acts of God and Nature, acts of terrorism, travel congestion, road closures, accidents, flight and weather delays.

Legends Limousine’s liability for all causes whatsoever arising shall be limited to your actual damages, in an amount not to exceed the sum of all charges paid by you for the fare. Legends Limousine shall have no liability with respect to its obligations under this agreement or otherwise for consequential, exemplary, special, indirect, incidental or punitive damages even if it has been advised of the possibility of such damages. This limitation applies to all causes of action or claims in the aggregate, including without limitation breach of contract, breach of warranty, indemnity, negligence, strict liability, misrepresentation, and other torts. Each party, including you, the user, and Legends Limousine understand and agree that these remedies, exclusions, and limitations allocate the risks of service non conformity as authorized by the uniform commercial code and/or other applicable laws. Legends Limousine’s fares for services reflect and are set in reliance upon, this allocation of risk and the exclusion of consequential damages and limitations of liability set forth in this agreement. The foregoing limitations of liability apply without regard to any intentional misconduct or gross negligence by Legends Limousine.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

Legends Limousine requires prior notification of pets in order to allow our staff to provide proper accommodations. Failure to notify a reservationist that you are traveling with a pet enables the Chauffeur to refuse to transport the pet. Please note, all animals must remain on a leash or animal carrier while inside the Legends Limousine vehicle. Animals surpassing 25 lbs must ride in a minivan or van, while service dogs are exempt from this provision.

For more detailed information please see our FAQ page.

You, the user, and Legends Limousine Service have hereby agreed to these Conditions of Service within the State of New York, for all purposes.
All disputes arising out of, under, or in connection with these Conditions of Service (including without limitation, their validity, interpretation, performance, or breach) will be adjudicated exclusively in the federal or state courts located in (or having jurisdiction over) New York County, New York. These Service Terms and its validity and effect will be interpreted under and governed by, the laws of New York, without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. You expressly consent to the jurisdiction of such courts over you. You expressly waive any claim of forum non-conveniens. You agree to reimburse Legends Limousine for its legal fees and expenses of instituting (or defending) a lawsuit by (or against) you.
These Conditions of Service (and any other operating rules or terms posted on the Site (including, without limitation, the Privacy Policy) constitutes the entire agreement between Legends Limousine and you and supersedes all previous written or oral agreements between Legends Limousine and you. No action (or inaction) by Legends Limousine may be construed as a waiver of these Conditions of Service (or any part). If any of the provisions of these Conditions of Service are held to be unenforceable by a court having competent jurisdiction, the remainder of these Conditions of Service will continue in full force and effect.
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