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Destination Weddings- Transportation For You And Your Guest From Start To Finish

[Friday, October 5, 2018]

Well-planned transportation for your destination wedding doesn’t start and end with finding an affordable limo for your big day. Consider how you and your guests will get around once they arrive there. Providing your guest with affordable airport transfers, local rides to and from the resort or venue can be the difference between a wedding success … Continued

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5 Myths About Visiting New York

[Thursday, September 20, 2018]

New York is the city of dreams and like every dream each experience is different. If you have never visited our fair city before, one could understand the average tourist has an unrealistic view of life in the big apple.  It’s not until they visit when they realize that life here is not what is depicted in … Continued

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Celebrate The Season With These Great Autumn Outings.

[Friday, September 7, 2018]

We love autumn in New York. The changing of the season is just around the corner and New Yorkers are looking to squeeze a little more time in the outdoors before coming inside for the winter season. We came up with three trip ideas and hints on how to get everyone there!

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Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

[Friday, August 31, 2018]

The end of the summer is that last chance many families have to spend quality time together before school begins in the fall. Every minute counts and so does every dollar. So our Legends Limousine staff, being parents who travel themselves, have come up with our top tips that can make a huge difference in avoiding the question we all dread; “Honey, did we remember to________?”.

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The Unofficial Survivors Guide To The US OPEN 2018

[Thursday, August 16, 2018]

The Us Open is back this year and we have the inside scoop to help you enjoy the most out of the festivities. From free games to food and everything in between, we did all the homework for you.

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