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The Unofficial Survivors Guide To The US OPEN 2018

[Friday, August 17, 2018] The Us Open is back this year and we have the inside scoop to help you enjoy the most out of the festivities. From free games to food and everything in between, we did all the homework for you.

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New York Cracks Down On Ride Hailing Services, So Whats Next?


[Friday, August 10, 2018] The New York City Council on Wednesday passed extensive legislation curtailing previously unchecked ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Brought on by the concern over multiple factors like roadway congestion, the effect on local business and safety.

The New York City Council has determined that a period of one year would allow time to study the effects that those very same companies on our cities roads, and the economy overall.

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Our Top 3 Choices For Travel Apps In 2018

[Friday, August 3, 2018] There are millions of apps for your mobile devices that can save your life in a pinch. When you are in a strange place and traveling for business or pleasure, what apps should you always have at the palm of your hands?

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Boutique Transportation with YOU In Mind:


[Friday, July 27, 2018]: We are excited to announce the completion of our new state of the art corporate offices in Greenwood, Brooklyn set for late 2018. Legends Limousine will still provide the same great service such as local and airport transfers, family friendly transportation, corporate transportation. In 2018 our leadership team is committed to an ongoing investment.

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