5 Myths About Visiting New York

[Thursday, September 20, 2018]

New York is the city of dreams and like every dream each experience is different. If you have never visited our fair city before, one could understand the average tourist has an unrealistic view of life in the big apple.  It’s not until they visit when they realize that life here is not what is depicted in the media and popular TV shows such as Sex and the City, Glee or Gossip Girls.

Here are some myths we couldn’t let slide, simply because it scares off the tourist and its bad for business.


1. Everything is expensive in NYC

Not Necessarily, urban residents know how to hunt down a good deal. Get out of the touristy areas like Time Square and open an app like Yelp or Foursquare for options that will astound you. Shoot for neighborhoods where real city slickers frequent. Here are 50 awesome suggestions for dining, then ask a local for tips on where to go after, we don’t bite.


2. Single women looking for love always live in nice one bedrooms in Manhattan

Yeah, and most New York women also all wear tutus as part of their normal street wear.



3. Broadway shows are a thing everyone goes to regularly


If we could afford the $100-plus tickets prices on the regular then maybe we would live in that aforementioned one bedroom and wear tutus. Real New Yorkers check out the awesome last minute deals on the TKTS website before leaving for anigh out. They offer great last-minute ticket up to 50%+ off!


4. Hotel Rooms The Size Of Your Walk-In Closet

Real estate is limited on an island with an average population of 8.538 Million. That goes double for hotel rooms! Every New Yorker will tell you to look and book options outside of the tourist trap that is Time Square to get the best rate per square foot. Do your research, but for now, check this article for rooms under 200.00 a night and really awesome neighborhood info.


5. Transportation is expensive and the subway is confusing.

DEAD WRONG! An unlimited MTA metro card will cost you $31 dollars a person and will give you unlimited access to all busses, subways, and water taxis in all 5 boroughs for 7 days. Download the MTA app for Android or IOS and you are all set for adventure! We wouldn’t recommend taking public transit to and from the airport but we do encourage you to call 1-888-LEGENDS and see why we are one of the most affordable options around.